Team members

David Cubínek, MBA, PMP

David is co-founder of AVAHI Group Ltd. and works as managing partner. 

He has been working in IT industry since 1992. He started his career in Telecommunications in 1994. He held many different hands-on and later senior management positions in IT. Since 2001 he continued with his career in area of transmission, LAN/WAN and newly emerging mobile data services. Later he become responsible for network development in the whole area of core networks while working for the leading mobile network operator, EuroTel Praha, later acquired by Telefónica Group.

Since 2005 he was head of Core Networks Development department in Telefónica Czech Republic and since 2007 also Telefónica Slovakia. He was leading the team of more than 100 professionals and managed annual budget over 20M Euro.

Besides broad experience in management of development of fix and mobile voice & data services he was also responsible for development of Value Added Services including mobile portals, content and location based services and video streaming over 2G/3G mobile networks as well as for cross-functional management of biggest technological company projects. The most important were launch of CDMA 1xEV-DO network (2004), 3G network rollout (2005), launch of 3rd mobile operator on Slovakia market (2007), 2nd RAN vendor introduction (2008) and launch of Telefónica 3G Network on Slovak market (2010).

He left Telefónica in March 2012 and he started working in the field of project management and ICT advisory on freelance basis prior he finally co-founded the company in Autumn 2012.

During the period 2015-2018 he worked more than 3 years on several senior management positions (Technology Strategy, CIO) for Beeline, mobile operator in Russia, member of Veon Group. Lately he worked for more than 18 months as Director for Transformation & PMO in Telenor Common Operation in Hungary, member of PPF Group, with responsibility for CEE region. The biggest transformation project was structural separation of CEE Telenor mobile operators into servco and netco model. The result was establishment of Cetin Group across now 4 countries including Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia. 

He is married and has 2 children. His other interests are golf, ham radio (OK1BPN and R2DRT) photography and travelling.

Pavel Hruzík

He started his telecommunication career in Motorola as Systems Engineer in 1999 with focus on T-Mobile account, OMC and GSM/GPRS areas.

Since 2003 he continued his career in Telefonica O2 Czech Republic as Senior PS Core Network Specialist in charge of 2G/3G mobile PS Core Network acceptance testing, various trials and participation on numerous tenders and technical annexes to contracts. One of his large-scale projects was implementation and rollout of new 3G IP CORE network and upgrade of CDMA 1xEVDO for Revision A based on Nortel/Ericsson technology. Among his responsibilities was not only carrying out the actual expert work but also co-manage the project and ensuring smooth cooperation with business units.

Later, in 2007, he started working for Huawei when he worked for customers like T-Mobile Czech, T-Mobile Slovakia and Vodafone where he deployed PCRF in 2010. 

Since 2013 he worked for Oracle on implementation of PCRF/SPR deployment project for O2 UK which was one of biggest deployment projects in EAAA region at Oracle.

Pavel is married and has two sons. His hobby is ham radio and ice-hockey with his two sons.

Ilona Kuncová, SSA

Ilona is associated Senior Lead Architect of AVAHI Group. 

She has been working in IT industry since 1982 and moved to telecommunications industry since 1992 when she began working for first mobile operator on Czech market (former Eurotel Praha later acquired in 2005 by Telefónica S.A.) and later (1996) she continued her career in T-Mobile Czech. There she held many different hands-on and later management positions in IT including Systems and Applications Manager, Head of Operation & Quality and at last she was Head of IT BSS Systems with overall responsibility for IT BSS and Operation Systems specialists.

Among areas of her responsibilities belonged most important IT systems of mobile network providers like billing, mediation, provisioning, fraud detection systems and data warehouse. She was also responsible for process of revenue assurance  and Administration of VMS, Unix, RDB and Oracle database servers.

She actively contributed in GSM Association projects implementing new generation services into GSM standards.

Since 1999 till 2012 she worked for one of the most important IT company - Hewlett­-Packard.

She worked there as member of International Telco BSS HP competence center, supporting whole Central & Eastern Europe and EMEA regions. In this multinational team she was used to held several different roles like Solution Architect, Technical Lead, Test Manager or Technical & Business Analyst while working on many different projects or RFP responses.  She has practical experience with wide range of BSS products including BSCS, Portal Infranet, Intec ICT&ITU & InterMediatE and HP IUM to name a few.

She has already adult son. Her other interests are traveling, walking, cycling, photography.

Miroslav Abel, MBA

Miroslav has been working in IS/IT since 1996.  He started his carrier in industry of utilities in 1998. He managed  department of Technical Application Support of operational IS and GIS. Since 2008 his carrier continued on position as CIO and Quality Manager in E.ON IS subsidiary. During this period he has got knowledge and experience from management of many different IT processes while working as a team leader of ERP System implementation projects.

Since 2009 he was actively participating on a project resulting in the full outsourcing of complete E.ON IS/IT operational services into Hewlett-Packard Company. 

During 2013 he shortly worked in Czech Social Security Administration as Chief Information Officer with main aim to refine and optimize existing and establish new processes to increase overall efficiency of spendings of public budget.

He joined as external partner of AVAHI in 2014.

He is married and has the adult son. His other interests are vegetarian cooking, tourism and photography.

Jiří Kafka

He started his career in telecommunication in Eurotel Praha later acquired by Telefónica Group as one of projects coordinators in network implementation team. His responsibility was mainly keep the time lines of NMT and GSM rollout plan and budget for it. Since 1999 he was working in operation department across all positions connected with FLM. It means from the ordinary field technician to countrywide manager of operation and maintenance for fixed and mobile networks together, from responsibility for „one notebook and a screwdriver“ to responsibility for 80 subordinates, 10M € OPEX and 6M € CAPEX/year. His final position before leaving Telefonica company was Manager of technology operation and deployment. 

Jiri has got wide experiences of deployment, operation, maintenance and other connected activities as budget planning, coordinating of subcontractors all cooperation on procurement of network infrastructure. He has experience from management of crisis situation as were floods in 2002 in Prague and south Bohemia region or windstorm Kyrill in 2007. 

Jiri, in 2010, was the key member of project of FLM outsourcing and after its launch he was responsible for management and coordination of general FLM partner - Huawei. His last big project in Telefonica was preparation of sharing contract between Telefonica and T-mobile on Czech market. 

Jiri is married and has two sons, his motto is: "The best technician of maintenance is technician with nothing to do".

Martin Tomek

Martin started his career in Telecommunications in 2000 in Vodafone (former Cesky Mobil) as one of the first employees working on launch of third mobile operator in Czech republic from scratch.

He was responsible for Core network design and voice service deployment (HLRs/HSS, MSCs, EIR, IMS, SBC, VoIP and IN/NGIN platform with signaling network infrastructure), configuration and testing, call routing and monitoring of traffic and capacity extension. Later he become responsible for the Wholesale interconnect and roaming management. He also participated on development of many different services like voice recognition, USSD, OneNet business solution, EMC prioritization and Voicemail to name a few.

He participated and cooperated in preparation of key projects in Core Network area like major software upgrades, renumbering in Czech republic during 2002, preparation of Research and Development center at Czech Technical University, connection emergency centers TCTV112 and propagation of caller location to application SW. 

Furthermore he held position of Chief Architect and was involved in implementation of 2G, 3G and 4G infrastructure projects.
Lately he work as Core Network and Special Project Manager with responsibility for coordination of network audits (security and revenue assurance) and voice services improvement activities.

He was actively participating and presenting during Vodafone expert meetings and expert conferences in general.

He started his cooperation with AVAHI as associated senior consultant since 2014.

Martin likes traveling, mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing, watch new movie in cinema and books reading.